About us

The origins of Caterbox go back to 1989 whereby a family run business has steadily grown to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of glassware, chinaware and general catering box suppliers to the Outside Catering and Equipment Hire Industry.

Nowadays, 30 years on, the premises and people may have changed but the ethos certainly hasn’t. Today we’re bigger, better and brighter; with a strong spirit, dedicated customer focus and a wealth of industry wise knowledge. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent ‘going-the-extra-mile’ service alongside a fantastic and vast range of solutions to pack, protect, stack & store your equipment.

Our customers are incredibly important to us and most of our new business is “word of mouth” – we believe there is no higher recommendation. Read our Customer Testimonials to explore what our satisfied clients have to say…

Thank you for visiting our web site, we trust you will find what you are looking for. Should you require something different or bespoke, please contact us as we would be happy to help turn your ideas into a reality, it’s all part of the Caterbox service.

What Sets Us Apart

With all the years of experience we have, it is needless to say that we provide the best customer support for all of your storage requirements, which we will vigorously follow. Bundled under the same roof for 30 years, we have become a family and we have NEVER failed a project, in fact, most of our clients were 101% satisfied!

The things that set us apart from our competitors are the following:


Over 1000 products from the widest range of customisable boxes and dividers. Created with the event & catering industry in mind.


Our products are almost made to measure by default. However sometimes storage needs to be a little more bespoke. With specialists on hand to help, we can create the perfect storage solutions for you.


Knowing full well how fast moving the event and catering industry is, we’re equipped with extensive stock and a proactive team to deliver!

Your order will be at your doorstep in no time.


Highest quality services GUARANTEED! We regularly keep you updated with the progress of your order. We handle every order with care from enquiry to delivery.


Our helpful team offers extensive product knowledge to help find the perfect storage solutions for your glass and chinaware. Thus, delivering the perfect box that will save space, time and money.


All products are made from the highest quality materials, all to food hygiene standards, very easy to handle and highly durable. We really do take pride in the products we supply!


On all the social medias, we regularly update our customer with the latest news.
Orders can be placed with our outstanding customer sales team over the phone and via email Weekdays from 8.30am until 5pm as well as 24/7 at CATERBOX.CO.UK

Our history


The story of Caterbox started in 1989 when we noticed the lack of storage solutions in the day-by-day world. Therefore, we started creating boxes to suit our customer's requirements. Caterbox began to manufacture custom made wooden boxes, with and without compartments. Mostly for storing and transporting glasses, cup, plates and catering equipment on hire.


In 1990 we teamed up with the UK leading corrugated sheet manufacturer to bring forth to the world the FIRST Corrugated plastic Glassjack also known as Correx Glass Boxes. Since then, Pack, Protect & Store became our definition.


However, that wasn't good enough for us and in 1993 we introduced both Full & Half Size Euro Containers forming our Solid Plastic Storage Box range, which we adapted to suit different sized plates with a comprehensive range of divider combinations.


And we just continued going forward to another major breakthrough in 1998 when we introduced the FIRST Ventilated Glass Crate, its footprint compatible with conveyer washers meaning glassware could get to its location safely and clean, getting rid of any unnecessary labour involved in the cleaning process. Handling and breakages where reduced, a godsend for event hire companies across the UK. To this day the Ventilated Conveyer Crate is still a Best Seller and recommended by our long-standing customers.


In 2005 improved food hygiene and safety standards played an important role in the development of our Bespoke Box range with these standards in mind we replaced the original timber material with a new Plastic alternative. The NEW Plastic Bespoke Box range had been launched! Keeping up with the times, the new lightweight, durable and customizable box was now suitable for use in the modern catering environment.


And Then we started to think outside the box! In 2014 we partnered up with World Leading Dishwasher Rack Manufacture FRIES. Caterbox became the FRIES UK distributor stocking the full range of Dishwasher, Glasswasher & Conveyer Racks, providing expertise across the ranges. Customise in-house to the exact measurement required, these racks are purposely designed for washing, storing and transporting glasses efficiently thus reducing handling and increasing productivity.


We have always relied on our manufacturers to provide printing when needed, which have extended lead times significantly affecting our normal efficient service. In 2016, we had enough of making our customers wait and introduced our very own in- house print service. Promoting your brand couldn’t be simpler, with a choice of thermal graphic print and multi colour vinyl labels our products are now even more customisable then before. This fast and flexible print service offers unlimited media options including Text, Logo’s, Barcodes and even QR Codes.


Today, we are as eager as ever to satisfy our customers and provide world-leading services. Pack, Protect, Store continues to define us, continuously looking at new initiative to support this demanding industry. Helping people streamline their business the Caterbox way for over 28 years! We are very proud to be the number one choice for specialised storage solutions.

I will definitely be using you in the future!
It was a pleasure working with you on the purchasing of the boxes for our plates and cutlery. Ordered them and the process was very quick, we had updates on the progress of the delivery. After delivery we had a follow up call to see how we are getting on and not about a hard sell for more purchase. I will definitely be using you in the future.
Glasgow Science Centre
Simply fantastic and a pleasure to work with
As an international florist we have many products that are extremely fragile expensive therefore it is important that they arrive intact at their final destination. For peace of mind we always use Caterbox for all our storage needs. They make the whole process absolutely effortless and provide a product we can rely on to give maximum protection and longevity. They are always extremely helpful and go above and beyond to cater to our requirements. We couldn't be happier and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
Maison De Fleurs
Excellent Service Backed up with a Real Knowledge
Excellent service backed up with a real knowledge of their products. We only use them now and nobody else. They really make you feel like your custom is important and show it by giving a service, which is second to none. Since using them our business not only looks a lot more professional, the products have helped us to secure a lot more customers both private and corporate.
A - Z Reliant Catering Hire
Super Duper Customer Service, very fast postage and amazing products!
I have purchased a number of ventilated crates from Caterbox UK for my mobile bar company. These guys have super-duper customer service, very fast postage and amazing products! I will be using them in the future again for sure!! Keep up the good work Caterbox!
Tom's Bespoke Bartending Co.