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Our ventilated storage crates are made from high-density polyethylene and have reinforced bases, corners, and walls for increased safety and structural integrity when transporting heavy loads. The wide-ventilated design of these plastic storage crates and plastic boxes ensures adequate air and water penetration during the washing cycle in conveyor wash systems. This perforated Euro container range offers many heights so you can choose the right size ventilated plastic storage crate for your storage needs. European standard dimensions these crates can easily stack with other brands of euro containers, maximising space, and optimising palletization. Our ventilated euro crates are made in Germany and are considered the best quality available on the market.

Cheaper Euro crates can crack under pressure and brake. Caterbox only supplies plastic storage crates that are high quality and fit industrial environments and capable of meeting the high demand of distribution. When shopping at caterbox you will discover a large variety of storage solutions at incredible value for money. The plastic storage crates are Competitively priced, customisable, and available to buy online with quick and free delivery on orders over £299, we have no minimum values on orders, and volume discounts are available.

Ventilated Storage Containers

Perforated or ventilated storage containers are used for keeping fresh produce safe. You can keep vegetables, fruits, bread and other fresh produce in the containers safely as they allow adequate air ventilation. Ventilated storage crates are easy to wash and clean and hence convenient to use on daily basis. Such stackable storage crates are ideally used by food-producing factories, supermarkets, or small shops for efficient storing of food in a secure manner. Our range of plastic crates plays an essential role in meeting your storage requirements and are used by caterers to carry maximum to minimum load. Along with a wide ventilated design, our stackable plastic storage crates and plastic boxes are made of a reinforced base and integrated sides that makes lifting easier. We see ourselves as an eco-friendly company as we always use recyclable plastic for longevity that also fits several industry environments.

Storage Crates For Your Storage Requirement

Our ventilated storage crates in stackable storage container collection, come in many heights range with round corners that allow you to stack them one on the other for organized storage. We are offering Euro-standard dimensions so that you can stack your plastic crates with other brands to optimize space in your industrial setting. We have used heavy-duty polyethene material that facilitates good load-bearing strength to your stackable plastic storage crate. We have ensured structural integrity through safe corners and walls. Our range of stackable crates is a great option for household or commercial use as they are available in different sizes that converge to your different storage requirements. We at Caterbox believe in providing the perfect box with the help of our skilled team that ensures that our customers are getting incredible value for money.

Euro Crates Available At Caterbox Online @ best prices

Euro Storage Crates are susceptible to cracks when pressure is applied. Our plastic crates are produced in Germany that becomes a hallmark of the best quality in the market. We are capable of meeting high demands concerning distribution and transportation. At Caterbox, you can find a wide range of stackable plastic storage crates or plastic boxes, and dividers that are efficiently made by keeping in mind the catering industry. We take pride in our products as we are making top-quality products that are not only durable but also adhere to all required hygiene standards. You can discover a wide variety of plastic crate options that caters to your diverse needs. Our proactive team is efficient to take orders online to ensure quick delivery to your doorstep. We provide volume discounts and there is no minimum order value restriction while placing an order.

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