Glass Storage Boxes

We stock a comprehensive range of glassware storage boxes and glassware washing solutions. Whether you need a simple home storage box to keep your glassware collection clean and protected whilst stored away or you need a system for protecting, washing, transporting and storing glassware for your catering or event hire business, we have the solution.

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With over 30 years of experience in providing glassjacks and glassware washing solutions, we're committed to producing the best glassware storage boxes on the market at unbeatable prices. Our Glassware Storage Boxes are the most popular choice for those on a budget. Like all our products quality is never compromised, we use high-quality material to produce a fantastic long-lasting storage solution. Our Premium Glassware Storage Containers offer additional strength and durability for heavy-duty use.

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Both the Glass Wash & Storage Crates and the FRIES RACKS Dishwasher Glass Rack range are professional solutions that will support streamlined operations. Minimalising handing and sub-sequential breakage, with only one rack needed to wash, transport and store glassware efficiently. Wine glass storage boxes are one of the most important items on the table at any event, make sure to choose a storage solution that can keep your glassware safe. Shop the UK's most comprehensive range for your glassware storage and transportation needs.