Box & Crate Dividers

Box dividers or crate dividers and Inserts are a great way to keep items secure and protected inside their box. Choosing box dividers or crate dividers for your business is made easy with Caterbox, as our standard range of heights and compartment configurations is so extensive that you will be able to organise your stock while reducing the space taken up by maximising your boxes internal capacity. Keep equipment protected and improve your manual handling operations using this simple tool for segmenting storage boxes. Crate Dividers typically used for glassware our box divider inserts are also well suited for storing industrial products such as automotive parts and engineering components. These plastic box dividers are hygienic and food-safe, available in a range of designs. Made in house using the latest digital cutting technology for a smooth finish with no nasty sharp edges.

Correx box dividers fit most industry standard totes, made from a flexible and cushioned corrugated plastic that is impact resistant, great for protecting fragile, lightweight items such as glassware. For heavy-duty use, select from our durable Euro box insert range, with multiple thicknesses available to choose from, manufactured from a flexible yet unbreakable polypropylene that is both heat and chemical resistant. Top and bottom crate dividers for Euro crates are easy to insert and remove so you can quickly change the internal compartment combinations suitable for use in any height crate which is great for multiple purpose use.

If our extensive range doesn’t have what you need for your next storage project, we can custom-make box dividers or crate dividers to your exact specifications. Caterbox made to measure box divider service holds the solution to every problem, our specialist team are on hand to make your storage box work harder for you. Bespoke cell partitions provide the ultimate protection against damage and prolong the lifetime of your product.