Keep Your Items Organized with Our Box & Crate Dividers Inserts

Box dividers or crate dividers and Inserts are a great way to keep items secure and protected inside their box. Choosing box dividers or crate dividers for your business is made easy with Caterbox, as our standard range of heights and compartment configurations is so extensive that you will be able to organise your stock while reducing the space taken up by maximising your boxes internal capacity. Keep equipment protected and improve your manual handling operations using this simple tool for segmenting storage boxes. Crate Dividers are typically used for glassware our box divider inserts are also well suited for storing industrial products such as automotive parts and engineering components. These plastic box dividers are hygienic and food-safe and available in a range of designs. Made in-house using the latest digital cutting technology for a smooth finish with no nasty sharp edges.

Correx box dividers fit most industry standard totes, made from a flexible and cushioned corrugated plastic that is impact resistant, great for protecting fragile, lightweight items such as glassware. For heavy-duty use, select from our durable Euro box insert range, with multiple thicknesses available to choose from, manufactured from a flexible yet unbreakable polypropylene that is both heat and chemical resistant. Top and bottom crate dividers for Euro crates are easy to insert and remove so you can quickly change the internal compartment combinations suitable for use in any height crate which is great for multiple-purpose use.

If our extensive range doesn’t have what you need for your next storage project, we can custom-make box dividers or crate dividers to your exact specifications. Caterbox-made-to-measure box divider service holds the solution to every problem, our specialist team is on hand to make your storage box work harder for you. Bespoke cell partitions provide the ultimate protection against damage and prolong the lifetime of your product.

Box divider inserts are used to divide the interior of a box into smaller compartments, allowing for the organization and separation of items within the box. They are typically made from materials such as cardboard or plastic and come in various sizes and designs to fit different boxes. Caterbox has a wide range of box divider inserts that can be utilized in various settings, such as in warehouses for organizing and separating inventory, in offices for arranging paperwork and files, and in homes for sorting out items such as tools, craft supplies, or personal items.

Different types of box divider inserts are available, depending on the needs and use; some are customizable, with adjustable dividers that can be moved to create different compartments, while others are pre-cut to specific sizes and shapes. Our plastic box divider inserts can also be used in shipping and logistics to separate and protect fragile items during transportation and in retail settings to display items in an organized and visually appealing way.

Box divider inserts are useful tools to divide a box into smaller compartments, which can be useful for organizing and separating items, providing protection and stability during transportation, and display purposes. Choose the best custom inserts for boxes from Caterbox at the most affordable price.

Some of the Most Exclusive Types of Box Dividers

Correx Box Inserts

Our authentic range of plastic box divider inserts helps to keep shipping costs down. They are also known as Corrugated Plastic box inserts, a type of box divider inserts made from corrugated plastic. These are lightweight, durable, and moisture-resistant, ideal for box inserts. Boxes are most commonly used for packaging and shipping items, as they are strong and durable enough to provide protection for fragile items during transport. They also provide a cost-effective solution for packaging and shipping items, as they are reusable and can be easily cleaned.

Ventilated Euro Crate Inserts

They are a type of box divider inserts that are specifically designed to fit into Euro crates, also known as Euro containers or Euro boxes. These inserts are made from a perforated or ventilated material that allows for airflow and circulation within the crate, which is particularly useful for storing and transporting items that require air circulation. Therefore, these are useful crate dividers for storing and transporting items, such as fresh produce, agriculture and horticultural goods. They can be made from different materials to suit the application's specific needs.

Euro Box Dividers

They are similar to Ventilated Euro Crate inserts and are typically made from sturdy materials such as corrugated plastic or cardboard and can be customized to fit different sizes of Euro crates. They help keep items separate, prevent damage during transport, and make it easy to identify and access specific items within the crate. You can get these box divider inserts at the best price. Euro box dividers are commonly used in the food industry for storing and transporting fresh produce and other perishable items, as well as in other industries such as agriculture.

Top & Bottom Inserts for Euro Crates    

As the name suggests, these boxes fit into the top and bottom of Euro crates. They help to provide additional protection and support for items inside the crate, particularly for heavy or fragile items. These boxes also provide a stable base and top for the crate, which helps to prevent items from shifting during transport. You can easily organize items inside the crate dividers, making them easier to identify. These Top and Bottom Inserts for Euro Crates are reusable, which makes them a more environmentally friendly option.

Get the Best Quality Custom-Made Dividers

Custom-made box dividers are made to fit a specific box or container. They are often used to separate and organize items within a box, such as tools, small parts, or other items that need to be kept separate. We have a specialized design team with over 30 years of combined experience creating custom inserts and dividers. Caterbox guarantees that we can create any size box divider to meet your precise requirements. Our custom inserts for boxes can be made from a variety of materials. We understand how to make box dividers that can fit any size or shape of a box. 

It's Time to Protect Items from Damage with Box Divider Inserts

Box divider inserts can improve the efficiency, organization, and protection of the items stored in a box. There are several benefits of using our boxes. Some of them are-

  • They can help keep items separate and organized, making it easier to find and access specific items when you need them. This can be especially useful for small parts or tools that need to be kept together in a specific order.
  • You can help protect items from damage by keeping them separate and preventing them from rubbing against each other. This is particularly important for fragile or delicate items that need extra care.
  • Box divider inserts can enable you to make the most of limited space by allowing items to be stored in a more compact and efficient manner. 
  • They can get customized to fit any size or shape of the box, making them a versatile solution for a wide range of storage needs. This allows you to create a storage solution that is tailored to your specific needs.
  • The boxes can be removed or rearranged as needed, allowing you to easily adjust the layout of your storage space to meet your changing needs.

Caterbox offers an exclusive range of box divider inserts that can be made from durable and cost-effective materials which can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. This ensures long-lasting organization and protection for your items. Our box dividers can help you save money in the long run by reducing the need for additional storage containers or the replacement of damaged items. Being an industry leader, we provide a versatile solution for a wide range of storage needs

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