Spruce Up Your Space with Finest Dishwasher Racks & Baskets

Welcome to the UK home of The Fries Rack System, this World Famous commercial dishwashing system is available to buy from Caterbox. The innovative design of these spectacular dishwasher racks allows water jet deflection through Efficient Wash Design (EWD) technology to give glasses, cups, plates, and cutlery a brilliant shine. No re-polishing or rejects just hygienic, dry items ready for reuse. This renowned design is present in all racks and baskets from this extensive collection. Whether it's a Dishwasher Glass Rack or an open Glasswasher Basket high-quality wash results are guaranteed.

Our Dishwasher Glass Racks are a brilliant wash and store system, setting the standards for washing and transporting glassware. As requirements increase and the variety of glassware designs widens the Fries Rack System continues to deliver, we have the right rack for any shape or size glass! The universal baskets, also known as bistro baskets are ideal for bars, cafes, and restaurants. This all-rounder is great for washing glasses, cups, plates, and cutlery. Available in 350 x 350 mm, 400 x 400 mm, and 500 x 500 mm sizes. The open baskets can be adapted, with the click-in components for reclining plates and glasses. We have Dishwasher Racks for every washable item in a commercial kitchen including, large Plates and gastronorm Trays. The Dishwasher Racks also benefit from EWD technology, targeting water jets directly to the critical problem areas, thus guaranteeing optimal washing results.

Discover the Most Authentic Dishwasher Racks & Baskets

Caterbox's authentic range of dishwasher racks is appropriate for all tableware. These racks come in various configurations, including flexible standard designs, custom sizes, and comprehensive combinations. We offer the best dishwasher baskets and racks as we understand that high water permeability and good air circulation produce the best washing and drying outcomes.

Dishware, glassware, and flatware are all intended to be held properly while being cleaned on our commercial dishwashing rack. The racks can keep the dishes, glasses, and mugs organised while preventing chips and breakage from ensuring proper washing. It's important to purchase the appropriate dishwashing rack for the tableware your business uses frequently.

You must know that effective cooperation between a rack and a dishwasher is required. Great wash results can only be obtained when the water can reach the washable items with the least obstruction. As a result, the ideal wash racks should be used.


Dishwasher Glass Racks FRIES 500mm

Use the Fries Rack System to clean, store, and transport glassware. Its open design promotes a faster drying time and optimal washing results. A wide selection of sizes is available, all in stock and delivered quickly. Buy these Dishwasher Glass Racks FRIES 500mm from Caterbox online in the UK at best prices.

  • L500xW500mm is the outside dimension.
  • Stackable, reliable, and simple to use. 
  • Different-coloured compartments. 


Open Baskets 400 & 350mm

This all-purpose cleaner works wonders on dishes, glasses, cups, and cutlery. They are available in 400mm, 396mm, 390mm, and 350mm sizes. The Open Baskets 400 & 350mm can be modified with the click-in components for reclining plates and glasses. Glasses, cups, plates, and cutlery get a brilliant shine due to the efficient wash design (EWD) technology ingeniously incorporated into these magnificent glasswasher baskets.


Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

Washing utensils has become easy with our collection of commercial dishwasher cutlery baskets. It helps to get the cutlery that is dry, hygienic, and ready to use without the need for polishing. Caterbox's selection of cutlery trays and baskets for commercial dishwashing systems offers silverware washing solutions. These specialised dishwasher baskets will allow any commercial cleaning department to run more efficiently because they are simple to load, stack, and handle.


Glasswasher Racks FRIES 400mm

Its effective wash design protects glassware while washing and produces flawless wash results. The renowned fries rack system includes our 400mm under-counter glasswasher rack line. Get Glasswasher Racks FRIES 400mm from Caterbox at amazing prices and great deals. A wide selection of sizes is available, all in stock and delivered quickly.

  • L400xW400mm is the external dimension.
  • Stackable, robust, and simple to use
  • Successful wash design (EFD)
  • Racks are heat and chemical-resistant

Get the best dishwasher baskets and racks at an affordable price from Caterbox. They are a great wash and store system that raise the bar for cleaning and moving utensils. We have an ideal range of racks that help you achieve guaranteed quality wash results. Our racks have a wide range of compartment and height combinations. You'll definitely discover a good fit per your needs. Here you can shop for the best Dishwasher Cup Racks FRIES 500mm at amazing prices from Caterbox.

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