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Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

Our collection of commercial dishwasher cutlery baskets for washing cutlery and utensils ensures a brilliant shine, no rejects or polishing needed just ready-to-use, hygienic and dry, cutlery. Caterbox selection of cutlery trays and baskets offer silverware washing solutions for commercial dishwashing systems. These dishwasher cutlery baskets are easy to load, stack, and handle this specialist dishwasher racks & baskets will help streamline any commercial cleaning department.

All products in dishwasher cutlery baskets are ISO certified with efficient wash technology to produce the optimum washing standards. The 500mm dishwasher cutlery rack is stackable with the rest of the 500mm Fries Racks System range. Buy the ultimate Dishwasher Glass Rack FRIES 500mm online from Caterbox in the UK. Its fine-meshed base and open profile design ensure small items like cutlery are contained in the rack during the wash process, receiving a superior wash, rinse and dry. Our commercial cutlery dishwasher baskets hold cutlery upright in compartments and can be nest stacked when empty to save space. A selection of sizes of dishwasher cutlery baskets is available to buy online, we have high-quality cutlery dishwasher baskets for all types of business setups. For small businesses like bars and cafes, the single cutlery basket is ideal for daily use. The eight-compartment basket with carry handles is perfect for processing large quantities of cutlery in a busy commercial kitchen.

We Ensure Hygiene by Providing Versatile Dishwasher Cutlery Baskets

Our dishwasher cutlery basket is a basket that holds cutlery or silverware in a dishwasher during a cleaning cycle. It is usually a rectangular or square-shaped basket with compartments designed to hold knives, forks, spoons, and other utensils. The cutlery basket is made of plastic and is designed to fit in the bottom rack of a dishwasher. Caterbox offers a premium range of commercial dishwasher cutlery trays and baskets to hold the utensils securely in place during the wash cycle at large event venues and businesses like bars, cafes, or restaurants.

The user experience is improved by the basket's ease of loading and unloading the cutlery. To accommodate varied silverware sizes and shapes, some of our cutlery baskets incorporate moveable separators or divisions. To keep the silverware from falling out during the wash cycle, some have a lid or cover. It is important to ensure that the cutlery is placed in the basket with the handles facing down to ensure that they are properly cleaned and to prevent any potential injury from sharp blades.

Our Superlative Collection of Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

Single Dishwasher Cutlery

It is a versatile solution suitable for use in all types of commercial dishwashers. These baskets are particularly useful in busy and demanding environments, such as schools, canteens, bars, and restaurants. The external dimensions of the basket are L110xW110xH140mm, and it is made of special polypropylene material.

Cutlery Basket 4 Compartments

The 4 compartment of dishwasher cutlery basket is a practical solution for any commercial dishwasher, designed to hold cutlery securely in place during the washing cycle. An optional metal handle can be added to facilitate easy handling, making it a versatile and convenient tool for busy environments such as schools, canteens, bars, and restaurants. The external dimensions of the basket are L220xW235xH140mm, providing ample space for various cutlery items.

Stackable Plastic Cutlery Tray

If you're looking for a reliable and durable solution for keeping cutlery organized and easily accessible in busy environments like schools or canteens, this heavy-duty cutlery tray is the perfect fit. It is specifically designed to withstand the demands of these environments and is easy to clean, ensuring that your cutlery stays clean and hygienic. The external dimensions are L525xW325xH108mm, and it is built to last with its heavy-duty, nest stacking, and stackable features.

Caterbox’s dishwasher cutlery basket saves you time since you don't have to spend time hand-washing each piece of cutlery. It also eliminates the need to load and unload each piece into the dishwasher individually. The dishwasher cutlery trays and basket makes your life easier by saving you time and space, ensuring hygiene, and providing a versatile solution for cleaning and organizing your dishwasher-safe items. Getting our cutlery basket frees up valuable space in the dishwasher by keeping your cutlery organized and in one place. These baskets are made from sturdy and durable materials, making them long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

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