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Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

Our collection of commercial dishwasher cutlery basket for washing cutlery and utensils ensures a brilliant shine, no rejects or polishing needed just ready to use, hygienic and dry, cutlery. Caterbox selection of cutlery trays and baskets offer silverware washing solutions for commercial dishwashing systems. These dishwasher cutlery baskets are easy to load, stack and handle these specialist dishwasher baskets will help streamline any commercial cleaning department.

All products in dishwasher cutlery basket are ISO certified with efficient wash technology to produce the optimum washing standards. The 500mm dishwasher cutlery rack is stackable with the rest of the 500mm Fries Racks System range. Its fine-meshed base and open profile design ensure small items like cutlery are contained in the rack during the wash process, receiving a superior wash, rinse and dry. Our commercial cutlery dishwasher baskets hold cutlery upright in compartments and can be nest stack when empty to save space. A selection of sizes of dishwasher cutlery basket available to buy online, we have a high-quality cutlery dishwasher basket all types of business setups. For a small business like bars and cafes, the single cutlery basket is ideal for daily use. The eight-compartment basket with carry-handles is perfect for processing large quantities of cutlery in a busy commercial kitchen.