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Explore the full range of Stackable Storage Boxes and heavy-duty storage boxes from Caterbox, the UK’s Storage Box Specialist. Our comprehensive stackable storage container range consists of hundreds of Stackable Storage Boxes just like our tote boxes of storage, made from a temperature-resistant, food-safe material suitable for any application in every industry including catering, industrial, and warehouse environments. Our all-rounder Euro boxes with lids for storage boast reinforced corners for increased safety and structural integrity plus ergonomic handles for comfortable handling; designed for storing & transporting heavy loads.

Stackable Storage Boxes with lids are available in a variety of heights with our deeper containers equipped with a reinforced base for extra strength and durability. Most of the stackable large storage containers and tubs have Euro-standardized footprints of 600 x 400mm with the solid plastic storage boxes and stackable storage boxes also available in the Euro half size 400 x 300mm. Additionally, all our box ranges are inter-stackable making for large-scale distribution and palletization. Our outstanding service and excellent product quality ensure that business and private customers alike can find the right storage solutions for their needs. With a supportive team of specialists on hand and a large selection of styles available to choose from, we have the perfect solution for all your storage and distribution requirements. Shop Euro Containers with Lids, Euro Containers Cases, Heavy Duty Folding Crates, Attached Lid Containers, Storage Box Lids, etc. @ best price ranges from Caterbox at best prices.

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Stackable storage containers are the best solution to maximise storage needs, minimise food waste, and preserve food. The stackable storage boxes with lids are made up of strong, sturdy, and durable plastic box lids that are flexible and break-resistant. At Caterbox, you can explore an extensive range of stacking containers, Ventilated Storage Crates, Correx Storage Boxes, and Euro Stacking Containers with or without lids.

These boxes with lids for storage are available in many designs, shapes, and colours to fit into any home or kitchen decor. These containers are handy for food storage as they prevent the growth of bacteria and can be used to store items at room temperature.

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Keep the space neat and organised with stackable storage containers. With various plastic large storage containers and tubs for food with lids, you can efficiently store all of your items. Caterbox offers a wide choice of Foldable Plastic Storage Boxes with lids, Bins & Containers as Storage Solutions.

Caterbox provides affordable and quality stackable storage solutions for any company or any area of your home. Browse the products from -

  • Euro Stacking Containers
  • Euro Containers with lids
  • Euro Containers Cases
  • Ventilated Storage Crates
  • Heavy- DutyFolding Crates
  • Attached Lid Containers
  • Correx Storage Boxes
  • Storage Box Lids

The solid Plastic storage boxes and stackable boxes of storage are available in the Euro half size 400 x 300mm. Most stackable storage containers for food have Euro standards footprints of 600 x 400mm. Roll them up and store them under your bed for privacy, or keep them in a central location where everyone can see them. These stackable storage containers come with extra strength and are highly durable in the long run.

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Plastic Storage Boxes, Bins & Containers with lids in foldable variety are an excellent way to organise your supplies, transport goods, or make them fit more comfortably into any available space. Tell us about your storage requirements, and we'll help you locate the ideal storage option. We are dedicated to meeting your storage requirements. We offer the proper storage bin and container for you, whether for separating your warehouse racking or shelving system, organising your workshop tools and componentry, or safely storing food in your commercial kitchen.

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