Spruce Up Your Kitchen with Plate Storage Solutions

Solve your plate storage problems with our comprehensive range of plate storage boxes and wash and storage crates. Caterbox is the UK’s no.1 catering equipment storage specialist based in Hampshire. Whether you are looking for a simple home storage box to keep your crockery clean and protected while stored away or a system for washing, transporting and storing plates for your catering or event hire business, we have the right box for the job!.

The vast range of plate storage solutions in this collection offers security and protection for any size plate. Choose to store your everyday dishes in a lay-flat or an upright position with our Plate Storage Container range. This range has a box for every plate box size, making it easy to load and unload plates safely. For delicate chinaware an additional layer of protection is needed, so why not use a slotted plate box that has specially designed individual slotted compartments?

Our plate wash and store crates also offer this outstanding protection helping you protect your plates as well as streamline operations. Wash, transport, and store a full load of plates in these superb conveyor wash crates, reducing handling significantly and subsequently breakages. All our chinaware storage solutions will help you organise and manage your plate collection efficiently. Our plate storage boxes are extra strong made with a reinforced base and walls, and comfortable grip handles, so they are easy to handle and transport when fully loaded with dinner plates, side plates, bowls, saucers, charger plates, and much more. The majority of the boxes in this range are of euro-standard dimensions that stack with other euro containers. Place-on lids are available to purchase to keep plates dust-free and transport trolleys to make moving loads of boxes a breeze.

Our Superlative Collection of Plate Storage Boxes

By keeping dishes in plain sight and within easy reach, you can improve the look and functionality of your kitchen. We understand that you require different kitchen furnishings items for different needs, ranging from cabinets and shelves to storage boxes. Our exclusive range of plate storage boxes can be extremely beneficial to organise your space.

Being an industry leader, Caterbox is passionate about enhancing storage space for our customers and raising workplace safety. Every home has a kitchen, which is a busy room full of utensils, ingredients, and various kinds of food products. Managing the plates could be daunting, so we provide an exclusive range of storage boxes for plates at the best prices. Our boxes are specially crafted to keep the plates secured effectively.

We have an ideal range of best-quality plate storage boxes which is easy to clean and durable. It is essential to choose the right cutlery and store it properly because doing so will enable you to save a lot of time and money. Investing in our best storage options for every plate size can be an adequate option to make your kitchen more functional. The plate storage boxes serve various functions and are decorative pieces that enhance the kitchen's beauty. So, having it in your house has become a necessity. The effective storage and use of numerous kitchen utensils and cutlery items are one of the biggest challenges that kitchens face. You can grab our storage boxes for plates to maximise the space available for the cutlery.

Caterbox's most definitive and versatile collection of plate storage boxes includes Slotted Plate Boxes (600x400), Plate Storage Boxes (400x300), Dishwasher Plate Racks 500mm, Plate Wash & Store Crates, Ventilated Plate Storage Crates, Universal Plate Storage Boxes and what not. We have the best collection of plate storage boxes that can cater to all your requirements.

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