Crockery & Cup Storage Solutions

We have an extensive range of storage and wash solutions for cups, mugs, jars and other crockery items. From simple Correx Chinaware Storage Boxes to Commercial Dishwasher Cup Racks you will find it all at Caterbox. Crockery can be partially difficult to store and transport, so finding the right solution for your chinaware is very important for saving time, space and avoid unnecessary and expensive breakages. Our range is so extensive that you will find the most economic product with the ultimate protection for your delicate cups and crockery items.

Our Cup Storage Boxes are the most popular choice for a simple yet affordable storage solution. Like all our products quality is always offered so you can buy with confidence knowing that you will be buying a strong, long-lasting storage box. Our Premium Cup Storage Containers are great for heavy-duty use and can store up to 30 cups per box. It’s individual, protective compartment will keep cups safe and secure whilst in store and on the move. The Fries Racks (500 x 500mm) Dishwasher Racks for Cups are the professional minimal contact solution that will support streamlined operations. This rack and the 600 x 400mm Conveyor Racks for Cups help reduce handing of Chinaware and sub-sequential breakage. Once the cups are loaded into the rack there's no more handling required from transporting to washing and store.

Crockery is one of the most important items on the table at any event, make sure to choose a storage solution that can keep your cups and other crockery safe. Whether you need a simple home storage box to keep your cups clean and protected whilst stored away or you need a system for protecting, washing, transporting and storing chinaware for your catering or chinaware-hire business, we have the solution. We have over 30 years of experience in providing chinaware storage solutions and crockery washing solutions. We're committed to producing the best chinaware storage boxes on the market at unbeatable prices. Shop the UK's leading chinaware storage range for your cup storage and transportation needs.

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