Custom-Made Dividers by Caterbox

Welcome to Caterbox’s Specialist Divider Department. Already have your own boxes and need to section them up? Then look no further, here at Caterbox we have a specialist design team on hand compromising over 30 years experience in custom insert & divider design. We can make any size divider to suit your exact needs and that’s a Caterbox guarantee. Enquire below, send us some details and we’ll be in touch in no time. Read on for more information about our custom dividers such as material’s and usage.

Please note for custom-made dividers there is a minimum order quantity of 10 sets

  • 4mm Correx, 2, 3 & 5mm polypropylene
  • Unbreakable, flexible & lightweight
  • Custom sizes up to 2.4m in length!
  • Free, no-pressure quotes for any size job
  • Free advice from the UK’s best Storage Experts
  • Competitive pricing and fully customisable

Polypropylene (PP) Dividers & Usage

Here at Caterbox we use 3 different sizes of PP, 2, 3 & 5mm thick. PP in itself is an unbreakable & incredibly strong material. The 2 & 3mm PP provide an excellent balance of strength & flexibility and is popular with food & pharmaceutical industry as well as engineering & aerospace companies for keeping small valuable components protected during storage & transport. On the other hand the 5mm is for protecting larger items and sectioning a box into quite large compartments, the 5mm helps provide a strong, rigid structure inside your box.

Please note for custom-made dividers there is a minimum order quantity of 10 sets

  • Food safe & hygienic material
  • Unbreakable & flexible
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • Custom height & configuration
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Individual compartments to maximise protection

Correx Dividers & Usage

Our Correx material is a twin-walled, fluted plastic weighing 650gm & 4mm thick one of the strongest & best quality Correx material used in the country. Extremely lightweight yet surprisingly strong & durable our Correx is the bread & butter for many companies, its affordability makes it very popular and simply put it always does a great job of protecting our clients goods. The fluted style gives strength to the divider & allows for optimal protection plus the twin walls give extra cushioning during transit for those extremely fragile items.

Please note for custom-made dividers there is a minimum order quantity of 10 sets

  • Best quality material used in the U.K.
  • Over 30 years experience making custom inserts
  • Contact us now for expert, impartial advice
  • Lightweight, flexible yet durable
  • Shock resistant, twinwall design
  • Hygienic, easy wipe