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These universal open glasswasher baskets hold glassware securely during washing. Perfect for cleaning large quantities of glassware and cookware in a 500mm commercial dishwasher in one go.

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Establish for more than 30 years, Caterbox is the UK's catering equipment storage and wash specialist. When it comes to washing, storing and moving catering equipment, glassware and crockery, we know how to maximise space and time. Our commercial dishwasher racks & baskets for barware are part of the world-leading Fries Rack System brand. Made from special polypropylene, they are high quality and strong with an open base and sides for outstanding wash results.

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Click in, removable inserts and accessories transform these empty baskets into multifunctional wash baskets for plates, glasses, and cutlery. Incredibly useful in busy hotel bars, cafes, and restaurants. We also offer drip trays for catching excess liquids as dirty glasses are loaded and an extendable glasswasher basket for washing large items.

Maintain Impeccable Hygiene with Our 500mm Glasswasher Baskets.

Caterbox offers a top-notch range of glass washer baskets, and they are specialised containers used for washing and storing glassware in commercial settings and catering facilities. These baskets are designed to securely hold and protect delicate glassware during the washing process, preventing breakage and damage. The baskets are typically made from durable materials such as plastic and tend to come in a range of shapes and dimensions to accommodate various glassware sizes and shapes. Our glass washer baskets 500mm have sections or dividers to separate the glasses to keep them from bumping against one another while being washed.

Commercial kitchen efficiency can be increased using our glass washer 500mm baskets since they enable multiple quantities of glassware to be washed and stored. Also, they assist in making sure glasses are thoroughly washed and sterilised, lowering the possibility of contamination and infection. It's crucial to take into account variables like size, material, and configuration before buying our glasswasher baskets.

Some of Our Outstanding Collection of 500mm Glasswasher Baskets
Dishwasher Rack With 4 Terraces - For Cup Width 81 To 100MM

The product code for this item is cr500-te4, and its external dimensions are L500 x W500 x H105mm. It has a maximum layer width of 100mm, and there are four rows available. This item is made of special polypropylene material and has a wide mesh style. It is available in grey and blue and comes with trollies for added convenience. It's time to buy the best glass washer baskets 500mm from Caterbox.

Double Open-Sided Dishwasher Rack

The weight of the item is 1.100kg, making it lightweight and easy to handle. The product code for this item is NK2, and it has dimensions of L500 x W500 x H105mm. It is made of polypropylene material and features a double open-side style. It is a dishwasher rack with an open profile and two sides. Ideal for placing big items through a conveyor washer or for storing glass and chinaware under the counter for quick access. This 500mm glasswasher is gaining a lot of popularity due to its versatility.

Multi-Purpose Commercial Dishwasher Basket

The basket is designed for use with various dishwashers, including pass-through dishwashers, rack conveyors, and standard under-counter dishwashers. It is ideal for washing a wide range of items such as glassware, plates, cutlery, and barware. Its external dimensions are L500xW500mm, while its internal dimensions measure L460xW460mm. The basket also comes with a glass relax, plate holder, and cutlery basket for added convenience and versatility.

There is no doubt in saying that choosing our 500mm glasswasher baskets helps to improve the efficiency of glass cleaning processes in busy commercial settings. They are easy to load and unload, making it possible to wash a large number of glasses quickly and effectively. Additionally, glass washer baskets 500mm tend to protect glasses from damage during the washing process, reducing the need for frequent replacement and minimising costs for the business. They come in various configurations, with options for holding different numbers of glasses, inserts for added protection, and specialised compartments for wine glasses and champagne flutes.

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