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Open Baskets 400 & 350mm

Bistro baskets are ideal for bars, cafes and restaurants. This all-rounder is great for washing glasses, cups, plates and cutlery. Available in 400mm, 396mm, 390mm and 350mm. The open baskets can be adapted, with the click-in components for reclining plates and glasses.

The innovative design of these spectacular glasswasher baskets allows water jet deflection through efficient wash design (EWD) technology to give glasses, cups, plates and cutlery a brilliant shine. No re-polishing or rejects, just hygienic, dry items ready for reuse.

These universal open glasswasher baskets hold glassware securely during washing. The renowned Fries Rack System design is present in all racks and baskets from this extensive collection. Made from high-density polyethene (HDPE) and suitable for washing all barware and outstanding wash results are guaranteed.

Get the Versatile and Practical Storage Solution from Caterbox

The racks or trays within a dishwasher that hold the dishes, glasses, and utensils throughout the cleaning cycle are known as open dishwasher baskets. They are portable, strong, and available in a range of colours and sizes to suit various storage requirements. Caterbox provides the best range of open baskets that are widely used in large event venues and commercial kitchens where objects can be moved around regularly since they are typically simple to keep and clean.

An open dishwasher basket is a type of basket that is used in a dishwasher to hold and clean various types of dishes, such as plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery. As the name suggests, open dishwasher baskets have an open design that allows water and detergent to circulate freely around the dishes, ensuring that they are thoroughly cleaned and rinsed.

It's important to choose a basket that is compatible with your dishwasher and that is suitable for the types of dishes you frequently wash. Some of our authentic range of baskets comprises 400x400mm Glasswasher Basket, 400mm Dinner Plate Basket, Drip Tray For 400x400mm Dishwasher Racks and so on. Our open baskets come in various configurations and sizes to accommodate different types of dishes and dishwashers. Choose the size as per your requirements, as baskets that are too small may become overcrowded, leading to disorganization and inefficiency, while baskets that are too large may take up too much space and be difficult to manage.

When loading dishes into Open baskets 400 & 350mm, it's important to arrange them in a way that allows water and detergent to reach all surfaces of the dishes. Therefore, avoid overcrowding the basket, as this can prevent proper cleaning and may cause damage to the dishes. They can be a useful storage and organization solution in bars, cafes, and restaurants. Grab our open baskets today, as they can be wiped down easily and are resistant to wear and tear.

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