Dishwasher Plate Racks 500mm

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Dishwasher Plate Racks 500mm

Caterbox is the UK's number one dishwasher rack specialist. We offer a wide selection of 500mm dishwasher plate racks so you will find the right wash solution for your plates. Part of the world-renowned Fries Rack System, these robust racks have open mesh base and walls that allows the maximum amount of water and air to come into contact with the plates during the wash cycle.

Easy to load and handle, these commercial dishwasher racks help streamline back of house operations and to maximise space they stack on top of one another. Our dishwasher plate racks are extremely durable, robust and suitable for use in any 500mm commercial dishwasher.

Cheaper dishwasher racks can crack under pressure and put the safety of your staff at risk. We supply high quality products that are fit for a hard waring catering environment. When shopping at Caterbox you will discover a large variety of solutions for all your ware washing needs, all the dishwasher racks are made from high-quality polypropylene, capable of meeting the high demand needed for use in any commercial kitchen.