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Universal Plate Storage Boxes

Catering quality storage boxes for crockery, plates, stacking cups, and fresh food storage, great for daily use and as a long-term storage solution. Simple to handle and easy to pack. Available to buy at Caterbox® the UK’s Catering Equipment Storage Specialist. Our Universal Plate Storage Boxes have been designed for catering equipment storage and transportation making it a popular choice in the fast-moving events industry. These boxes are ergonomic and made from heavy-duty, industrial-grade plastic that can hold weights up to 200kg.

The transparent box helps with stock recognition, its click-close lid and removable inserts keep stacks of chinaware securely in place while moving. Crockery storage & transport boxes are both food-safe and dishwasher-safe and thanks to the shape of the box and the ventilation slots, water drains out effectively. These air slots also provide constant ventilation – making this box perfect for fresh food storage. Stackable with the lids on and nest stackable when empty, saving valuable space as well as being compatible with palatalisation for large-scale distribution. Referred to as "The Miracle Box" by catering professionals, this is without a doubt the most versatile box on the market. This box has multiple uses, for plate storage solutions using one or two tube variations to secure the plates in place, the adjustable inserts click into the bottom of the box securing the plates in place when the lid is closed. Stacking cups and saucers can also be stored using a divider insert with four compartments. The inserts prevent movement while in transit, vastly improving protection. Removing the inserts makes way for other storage opportunities such as storage boxes for extra larger plates, food storage, and wine bottle transportation. Use high tack, branded box stickers to help with brand recognition and protection against loss and theft.

Our Premium Collection of Universal Plate Storage Boxes

Our universal plate storage boxes are containers specifically designed to store and organise plates, such as side plates, pasta plates, serving plates, dinner plates, pasta bowls and so on. They typically have a compact and stackable design that maximises storage space and protects the plates from damage and contamination. Get the best universal plate storage box in the UK from Caterbox, as they have been created for catering equipment storage and transit, which makes them a popular choice in the fast-paced events business.

When choosing our universal plate boxes, it's necessary to consider the factors such as size and shape of the plates, the volume of plates that need to be stored, and the storage conditions required for the plates. Our Universal plate storage boxes can be used for households and large-scale event venues, such as catering, buffets, or outdoor parties, to transport and store plates safely and efficiently. Some of our storage boxes specifically designed to accommodate plates of various sizes, including 10" and 11" plates.

Some of Our Most Reliable Universal Plate Storage Boxes

Crockery and Food Storage Box

The heavy-duty and adaptable catering tool for daily usage and long-term storage is the crockery and food storage box with click-lock lid. Its unique polypropylene construction ensures food-grade safety. It has a capacity of about 32 litres with external measurements of L400xW400xH315mm and stacked internal measurements of L330xW330xH270mm. The box has a click-lock cover, is dishwasher safe, and is simple to clean. It is perfect for keeping dishes, chinaware, bread, fruit, veggies, and wine bottles all together. The cheapest rates for this universal plate storage box in the UK can be found at Caterbox.

The Universal Plate Box - Plate Size 161 - 190mm

Two stacks of plates can be safely held in the universal plate box. It is constructed from sturdy industrial-grade plastic that can withstand weights of up to 200 kg. The transparent box makes it simple to identify the contents. It has removable plate stacker inserts and a click-lock top that keep plates in place while in transit. The stack's internal dimensions are L330xW330xH270mm, with the outer dimensions being L400xW400xH315mm. Plates with a size range of 161 to 190mm can fit in the box.

Cup & Saucer Box - Plate Size up to 160mm

Stacking cups, saucers, and small plates are the ideal items to store and transport in our catering equipment storage box. It can hold up to 112 tiny plates with a maximum diameter of 160mm or up to 56 stacking cups and saucers. While the box itself is composed of heavy-duty industrial-grade plastic capable of carrying weights up to 200kg, the transparent shape makes it simple to identify goods. The stack's internal dimensions are L330xW330xH270mm, with the outer dimensions being L400xW400xH315mm. It has a capacity of around 56 stacking cups and 56 saucers and is made of special polypropylene material (food grade).

Store and Organise Your Plates Efficiently with Caterbox

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting our universal plate storage boxes include the following:

Capacity: Choose storage boxes that can hold the number of plates required for the event, taking into account the number of guests and the type of meal being served. These boxes are designed to maximise storage space and stack easily.

Durability: Select boxes made of sturdy materials that can withstand transportation, handling, and storage, such as plastic boxes. Our universal plate boxes are extremely useful to protect the plates during shipment, handling, and storage.

Hygiene: Ensure that the storage boxes are easy to clean and sanitise to prevent cross-contamination and enable food safety. Our universal plate boxes can be cleaned and sanitised between uses, helping to maintain high levels of hygiene. This is especially important in large-scale events where food safety is a top priority.

Get the most authentic range of universal plate storage crates and boxes at the most cost-effective price from Caterbox. Our boxes ensure comfortable and secure handling. The universal plate storage boxes are easy to carry from one location to another. This can be especially useful when plates need to be transported across long distances or between different venues. Shop Today!

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