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Euro Container Case - Hinged Storage Box

Using our Euro container case makes transporting and storing items safe and easy. The Hinged Storage Box in this range are strong and robust with integral lids that click close to locking securely. The snap-shut lid keeps its contents secure, providing the ultimate protection against loss and damage. The case can be easily unlocked by simply sliding the box clips. Most of our Euro cases come with carry handles for added stability whilst handling heavy and fragile goods.Buy best stackable storage boxes online from Caterbox in the UK.

Hinged Lid Case | Hinged Lid Euro Containers | Tall Lidded Euro Case

Made from food-grade polypropylene, these high-quality Euro boxes are ideal for frequent industrial and catering use. Choose high-quality, food-safe, and industrial-strength cases from Caterbox the UK's leading storage box specialist. Made in Germany our high-end Hinged Storage Box has a reinforced base, corners and walls for increased safety and structural integrity when transporting heavy loads.

Versatile and Practical Storage Solution- Hinged Lid Euro Containers

A prominent form of plastic storage container used in industrial and commercial environments is our hinged-lid Euro containers. These containers have a lid that is simple to open and close and is made to stack. Our Euro container with a hinged lid is getting increasingly popular because of its adaptability, toughness, and room-saving qualities.

Therefore, a bonus feature of Euro container cases is their hinged lid, which makes it simple to reach the goods without completely removing the lid. When workers must often access the goods of the container in industrial and commercial situations, this functionality is especially helpful.

Some of Our Supreme Quality Range of Euro Containers with Hinged Lid

10 Litre Lidded Euro Case (400x300x135mm)

These are designed to withstand the rigours of industrial and commercial use. The container is a small and space-efficient storage alternative with external measurements of L400xW300xH135mm. The internal measurements, when stacked, are L355xW255xH115mm, making good use of available storage space. One of the features that set this container apart is its click-close design, which gives a secure and tight closing to protect the items from contamination and damage.

34 Litre Euro Container Case (600x400x195mm)

Our container's external measurements are L600xW400xH195mm, giving it a roomy and useful storage alternative. With inside dimensions of L555xW355xH172mm when stacked, there is enough storage space for many different goods. Grab this one of the best euro container cases at the best price from Caterbox. It can be used in conjunction with Euro Container Dividers (600 x 400) to create distinct divisions within the container.

27 Litre Euro Stacking Container Case (400x300x335mm)

The container is a member of the Euro Container Cases family and may be divided into multiple parts using Euro Container Dividers (400 x 300). This makes it the best option for effectively organising and storing small components, tools, and other objects. External measurements are L400xW300xH335mm, making it a small and space-efficient solution for storage. The internal measurements, when stacked, are L355xW255xH305mm.

You can find different and cost-effective storage solutions at the best prices. Shop now for the best-hinged lid cases and containers as they are lightweight and resistant to impact, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations since they are sturdy plastic, typically polypropylene or HDPE. We also provide tall-lidded storage containers as the term "tall" designates a container taller than a typical Euro container, allowing for more storage space.

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