Pizza Dough Proofing Boxes Now Available from the UK's Leading Catering Storage Solution Supplier

Pizza Dough Proofing Boxes Now Available from the UK's Leading Catering Storage Solution Supplier


Properly storing pizza dough during proofing is critical for good pizza. The dough requires a keen eye, a steady hand, and precise timing. Pizza dough balls should always be sealed in an airtight container during the proofing process. The pizza proofing boxes are required if you want to avoid dry pizza dough balls, as these boxes can store your dough more efficiently and help you handle a larger amount.


The main advantage of using a pizza proofing box over storing dough in containers or baking bowls wrapped in plastic is the number of dough balls you can fit. Most proofing boxes also stack. Therefore, you will be able to stack multiple boxes on top of each other and can store a lot of pizza dough in a small space. Caterbox's pizza dough boxes are an ideal one-stop solution for storing, transporting, proofing and cooling freshly made dough.

Check Out Some Exclusi Pizza Dough Proofing Boxes


Our boxes are made of food-grade plastic and can withstand hot or cold temperatures as we specialise in food storage. Being UK's leading catering storage solution supplier, Caterbox can provide you with the best stackable storage containers at an affordable price. 


Are you tired of stale pizza crust? Or a tiny annoying jar that's difficult to remove the dough from? If so, you have arrived at the right place because there is a superior method for pizza proofing!


Pizza Dough Proofing Tray 600x400mm with Lid

This is the best solution to make fresh pizza; proof the dough in your home or bakery by using this most authentic plastic pizza dough box. A reinforced rim on the side edges of the heavy-duty pizza dough proofing tray is made of premium quality plastic making it lightweight, strong, and easy for users to handle. 


Stacked Internal Dimensions: L600xW400xH75mm

External Dimensions: L600xW400xH75mm

13 Litres of Capacity

Shell-style Handles

Material: Polypropylene (Food Grade)

Pizza Dough Proofing Tray 400x300mm With Lid

You can proof the dough at home or bakery, as it is one of the best solutions that can cater to your storage needs. The best way to proof a lot of pizza dough at once is with our pizza proofing box. It is made of supreme quality and is considered the right proofing box for both professional and home use. 


External Dimensions: L400xW300xH75mm

Stacked Internal Dimensions: L355xW255xH60mm

6 Litres of Capacity

Shell Style Handles

Material: Polypropylene (Food Grade)


When you need to store several pizza dough balls in a professional setting, like a restaurant, these pizza-proofing box comes in handy. However, it can also be useful for home cooks who frequently bake pizza or just want to store pizza dough more effectively.


Tips to Consider Before Choosing a Right Pizza Proofing Box


Since many subpar pizza boxes are available, it's critical to know what to look for when purchasing a pizza proofing box. Here are smattering tips you should keep in mind before purchasing pizza proofing box-   


Stackable- Good pizza dough boxes can be easily stacked on top of one another because the goal of a dough proofing box is to store numerous dough balls efficiently. So that you can construct a tower of dough boxes that won't topple over since they won't fall, stacked boxes are also simpler to move.


Material- Italian dough proofing boxes were traditionally made of wood, but contemporary plastic boxes offer several advantages. A good plastic box is more airtight than a traditional wooden dough box. The dough balls won't stick to a smooth plastic surface, so removing them from the box is simpler after proofing. The wooden box can take up more room and weigh more, making them more difficult to handle and move. They frequently can't be stacked, too.