1. The Complete Range Of Stackable Storage Containers at Caterbox

    The Complete Range Of Stackable Storage Containers at Caterbox

    Plastic storage boxes are a powerful and practical method to keep a clutter-free house by keeping numerous objects in one place. Whether you need some significant plastic storage for storing Christmas decorations in the attic or keeping outdoor play goods in one place in the shed, or keeping kitchen things sorted, we've got you covered. Many of our designs are waterproof and durable, with lockable closures to keep your belongings safe from the weather. They're beneficial if you're looking for a more long-term storage solution.

    Look through our collection of handy stackable storage containers to find a variety of sizes and capacities.

    Euro Stacking Containers - 

    By combining different sides, bottoms, and handles, the Euro Stacking Containers

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  2. A look at our attached-lid container range

    A look at our attached-lid container range

    Blue Attached Lid Containers

    Designed to provide any business with a more secure and space-saving option for storing glass, china, or other items. These containers are ergonomic, making it easier for you to hold the crates without any accidents.

    Attached Lid Container ALC Nest stacking boxes The boxes are heavy-duty and can be stacked when full, or nest when they're empty. You can save up to 78% on space, whether you're storing goods or transporting them to a different location. 

    Made from polypropylene, our products can withstand terrifically cold temperatures and the heat too. They have an impressive temperature resistance, ranging from -20°C to -80°C. The best part is that these lidded containers are also durable and impact resistant. So, whatever you're storing will be protected from breakages, dust and dirt. 


    They come in a range of siz

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