Folding Crates

Easy Way to Store and Transport Catering Equipment

Folding Crates are an easy way of making the most of your storage needs. You can use them to store crockery and glassware, either on your business premises or if you’re transporting items to a different venue. One reason why our folding crates are so useful is that not only are they ventilated, which avoids odours getting trapped, but also, they are of course, collapsible. This means that when you’re not using the crates, they can be stored to save you storage capacity and add to your transport space.


The crates are ergonomically designed, making it simpler for you to carry heavier goods with ease and confidence. Made from industrial-grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), our crates are made to take way more impact than the budget polypropylene boxes out there. The folding crates are ventilated and compatible with our Transport Dolly Trollies. For example, for larger volume catering, you can transport heavier items in multiple folding crates or larger quantity items without injuring yourself. You can also maximise your space saving options that bit more if you buy a Place on Lid for each folding crate you use. This will further protect your glasses and crockery from dirt, dust and possible breakages. The crates can still be stacked too. There’s also an anti-bacterial mesh you can add to your order. Just place it at the base of each of the folding crates for extra protection of glassware.  


Folding Euro Boxes

Our Caterbox folding crates come in two sizes. Our Shallow Folding Crate comes in a pleasing yellow and grey design. It has a 35 litre capacity and a temperature resistance of -20°c to +80°C. It measures at 600mm x 400mm and is 170mm high externally. Its stacked internal dimensions are 570mm x 370mm, and 161mm high.Our larger crate also comes in grey and yellow. It has a 46-litre capacity and the temperature resistance is the same as that of the Shallow Folding Crate.   Its external dimensions are 600mm x 400mm and is 223mm high. Its stacked internal dimensions are 570mm x 370mm and is 211mm high. 

You can also add an anti-bacterial mesh to your order. This clear plastic mould resistant mesh underlay will give you added protection for glasses stored in folding crates. Take a look at our Product or contact us for more information about any of our folding crates and what they can do for your business. We have a friendly and helpful customer care team who are happy to give you any advice or information that you need before you place your order.  Be sure to ask them about any discounts you’re eligible for when placing a large volume order. We’re sure you’ll find a Caterbox folding crate to suit your needs. 

Folding Euro Boxes