Looking to replace your tired old conveyor dishwasher baskets? Caterbox is the right place for you. Our fantastic Conveyor Racks 600 is a top spec product that will streamline your business efficiency and profitability with no comparison.

The 600 x 400mm Conveyor Racks have an open rack design which optimises cleaning results by maximising water and air penetration to provide a perfect wash. Meaning no more rewashing! Which I know is everyone’s dream in catering. So every glass goes in dirty and every glass comes out sparkling. With this, you can employ less staff to run the dishwasher, which in the long term will help with the profitability of your company. It streamlines your process by reducing handling and subsequent breakages. Another aspect which is a huge advantage to you is the specially moulded Polypropylene compartments with easy access grooves to aid removing glassware safely and efficiently. Glass racks are purpose-built to offer full protection to your glassware whilst washing, storing and transporting.

Now you have brought your Glass rack and then a few months down the line you get new glasses, don’t panic, Ther adapt to their surroundings! You can use the same glass racks system. All you need to change is the compartment insert or height extenders to suit your new glass range. The racks accommodate for every 15mm height, so complies with all your glassware needs. 

If you want your glass racks to stand out from the crowd we provide customized rack clips for company logos & stock labels. Not to forget our colour coded compartments for glass quantities; - 4033241512 providing easy identification of glasses & assists with stock control.  

The only hard bit for you is to measure your glasses to decipher which compartment is best suited for your glass. However, you will be delighted to hear that we have a measuring guide. Your math skills can be put at bay for the time being and let us do the hard work.

You can transport your glass racks with one of our 600x400mm Rack Trolleys with ease and speed! You can not deny that there are a lot of brilliant reasons to buy Glass Racks. Contact one of our team to see how you can start streamlining your business.