The Bar Warewashing Guide

Quality in the food business is a matter of hygiene; minor negligence with hygiene can create a massive stir as a food business also comes with responsibilities towards your customers. In addition to serving tasty food to the customers, people are becoming aware of the cleanliness, which is a good thing. But the major concern they carry in their mind is what's happening behind the kitchen area; they are hygienically dishwashing their utensils or dishes or even the restaurant using any device like dishwasher baskets or racks. The unhygienic approach can cause the ruination of your goodwill, ruin the food or affect people's health which is paramount in this business.

Importance of Choosing a Quality and Perfect Dishwasher Accessories

Serving your customers with clean, unblemished plates, spotless glasses, and unsoiled cutlery is crucial in any food or beverage running outlet. Owners, while making purchases of these machines with accessories like dishwasher cutlery baskets in this food and beverages, were made with a thought process that they must work nonstop from sunrise to sunset, so they should be reliable enough.

Choosing a suitable device is necessary as racks can't operate to clean plates perfectly; you will need commercial dishwasher plate racks to clean plates perfectly. Selecting the product according to the utensils capacity, it must wash in a limited time. The count can be measured by how many dishwasher racks are going for cleaning in an hour. Buy accordingly to the requirement of your business. Keep various accessories like dishwasher baskets because racks cannot complete the need for cleaning other dishes. The same goes for dishwasher cutlery baskets for different types of cutleries.

Check out some suggested dishwashers or glasswashers products by caterbox:-

Range of Glass dishwasher racks:- Washing glasses without damage and cleaning them, so they remain glittery. Restaurants and bars or any other outlet can't do it manually, so these racks help you to clean these glasses while maintaining proper hygiene and guaranteeing results. Caterbox provides these racks with Efficient Wash Design(EWD) technology enabled so the water flows can target all areas.

You can find several sizes to manage a large amount of glassware or cutleries; specified products are available at the Caterbox's dishwasher racks:-

 Glasswasher basket 500mm:- A specially designed glassware baskets by which you can wash maximum glasses for barware and other stemware at once, offering a dimension of L500mm×W500mm externally and L460mm×W460mm internally, a perfect product for busy outlets.

● Open Baskets 400mm:- With the capacity of washing 16 pints of glasses efficiently. The open sides allow the basket to clean these glasses with water jet deflection using EWD to keep your utensils shiny. These dishwasher baskets comprise external dimension L400mm×W400mm×H150mm and internal will be L360mm×W360mm×H125mm which supports its wide mesh styling.

● Dishwasher Cutlery baskets & trays:- Technically designed to work smoothly with outlets like schools, restaurants, bars etc., these baskets will allow you to wash around 120 pieces of cutlery successfully in a single go which anyhow saves a lot of time. The basket has eight equally sectioned compartments where the dimensions are L450mm×W212mm×H260mm which makes the task much easier.


Ultra-modern & useful racks by caterbox you should add to your bar:-

Glasswasher rack fries 400mm:-  With ease to wash fragile glasses under the counter and allows you to wash them without causing any damage with incredible results at the end. Build with the ability to be heat and chemical-resistant, which copes with reliable wash designs to enhance its durability.

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These racks can be ready to serve the customers again in a minimum time. With these dimensions like L400mm×W400mm, the big inventory allows you to choose different sizes accordingly.   

Dishwasher Glass Rack Fries 500mm:- A rack you surely want in the outlet that securely cleans your glassware; even while transporting them from one place to another, your glasses will be safe. With dimensions of L500mm×W500mm, its open design paths an easy and clean washing routine and quickly dring them. You find an assortment of colour combinations in partially divided compartments.

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As a business owner for outlets like restaurants, canteen, bar etc., being of any scale, this numerous range of caterbox dishwasher racks and glasswasher racks can help your business maintain a supreme hygienic environment.