The Complete Range Of Stackable Storage Containers at Caterbox

Plastic storage boxes are a powerful and practical method to keep a clutter-free house by keeping numerous objects in one place. Whether you need some significant plastic storage for storing Christmas decorations in the attic or keeping outdoor play goods in one place in the shed, or keeping kitchen things sorted, we've got you covered. Many of our designs are waterproof and durable, with lockable closures to keep your belongings safe from the weather. They're beneficial if you're looking for a more long-term storage solution.

Look through our collection of handy stackable storage containers to find a variety of sizes and capacities.

Euro Stacking Containers - 

By combining different sides, bottoms, and handles, the Euro Stacking Containers allow for a wide range of options. You can choose between perforated and slotted side panels, a grid or a ribbed base depending on the function and stress level. 

The Euro Stacking Containers is a highly flexible universal container thanks to its varied selection possibilities and the euro container's high load capacity.

Euro Containers with Lids -

Our Euro stacking containers come with hinged lids that can be securely locked shut with snap locks. For increased security, we have added handles to sure of our models and drill padlock holes. Euro containers with lids are the best possible protection against damage and contamination during the shipment. 

Euro Container Cases - 

Transporting and storing products is safe and straightforward when using our Euro container case. The wide range of Euro container cases is durable and robust, with a lock system that makes it secure. Most of our Euro cases have carry handles for increased stability while transporting extensive or fragile items.

Ventilated Storage Crates - 

To fit your products and operations, Euro containers are available in solid or vented designs. Our ventilated euro containers are made of sturdy, food-grade polypropylene plastic to keep your contents safe while in transit, with the reinforced base and corners to aid. The aired sides allow for optimal ventilation — depending on your needs, select between a solid or ventilated base.

Heavy-Duty Folding Crates - 

It is an excellent option if you have a vast business and limited space. Our heavy-duty collapsible crates provide a versatile storage and transportation solution while also saving space when not in use. These space-saving boxes fold to only 40mm for compact stacking. These ventilated collapsible containers may stack with other brands of Euro boxes in both collapsed and open form and are easy to collapse into a compact unit.

Attached Lid Containers -

The hinged lid's recesses provide excellent stability. When the lids are open, the containers offer maximum space efficiency. Plastic seals can secure the attached lid containers, which can then be transported using trolleys. 

Final Words From Caterbox - 

Euro stacking containers are helpful assistants in the shipping and storage operations conducted by practically any industry, whether your business involves textile manufacturing or automobile parts or you want to use them for household items. You can also get Euro storage boxes with hinged lids to safeguard your products from dirt, light, and transportation damage. We have Euro containers with perforated sides and bottoms ideal for non-airtight storage of items. 

Whether solid or perforated, with or without a lid, all Euro containers are simple to stack and make efficient use of space in your warehouse. Euro containers are always hygienically perfect for usage because they can be readily cleaned in dishwashers. A lockable Euro container is available if you need to transfer costly items. Visit Caterbox today, and don’t forget to contact us if you have any queries.