Do you ever find yourself moving quicker than the speed of light to get event hire orders out the door?

Allocating stock, washing glasses, packing, stacking and moving storage boxes. Then load it all on to a vehicle all without breaking a single glass? Sometimes something has to give and it's usually a glass or two, which can be frustrating to replace.

A lot of our event hire customers have added a simple accessory into thier conveyor crates for a quick solution. Antibacterial net! This clear rubber glassware crate liner fits our 600 x 400mm glassware storage crates and protects the glasses rims from getting chipped whilst being dropped into the compartment. It also helps reduce moment and prevent additional breakage whilst the crates on the move and being handled. Our glassware storage crates with anti-bacterial net help keep glassware protected while keeping them clean. These full size ventilated euro crates come in various heights to store glasses in just the right space efficiently. preventing storage space being wasted on oversized storage boxes.

Conveyor crates with rubber netting

Also used as bar shelf liner the mould resistant, clear rubber mesh underlay provides added protection for glassware whilst being washed and stored in the ventilated conveyor crate.

For more information about our ventilated conveyor crate range and its accessories please get in touch with the Caterbox team on 01962 711007 or [email protected]

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