The Many Benefits Of Fries Dishwasher Racks Over Conventional Ones

At Caterbox we supply the Fries dishwasher rack systems which include undercounter dishwasher baskets. When you run any sort of catering business, you are going to have to wash up glasses, cups, plates and cutlery, and washing up all these items is something that takes time and costs money.

Fries is an Austrian company and has spent a great deal of time and money itself in order to establish the very best of the best when it comes to washing and drying catering equipment. Fries dishwasher racks and baskets are now recommended by many leading dishwasher manufacturers who have recognised that they outperform virtually every other type of racks on the market.


Perhaps the most basic thing about the Fries rack system is that the baskets and racks that it manufactures have a unique open design that allows hot water to penetrate the whole of the rack evenly. In conventional dishwasher racks with solid walls which are used for washing glasses, for instance, as much as 75% of the glasses will be set in the compartments on the outer walls where the least water can penetrate.

Fries Rack System Dishwasher Glass Racks


This can make it very difficult to remove smears, such as lipstick, from the rim of the glass because the air and water circulate much less efficiently, so the result is that most of the glasses are not washed properly or even hygienically. Furthermore, there may be water left in the racks after the washing process which can lead to mildew occurring if the glasses are left in the rack for any length of time, which means that the glasses are going to have to be washed again before they will even be safe to use. In addition, a lot of polishing may be required.


The Fries system has openings at the bottom of the corners and sides of the racks so that the water can penetrate and clean every part of the glass including the rim which is the hardest part to clean. This also means that the dishwasher baskets can dry out completely since the air can move through every part of them.


The Fries system also allows for glasses of every 15mm in height. So you can find a rack that is exactly the right height for your glasses, which is somewhat hit and miss with conventional racks. The glasses may be too far down in the rack which makes them difficult to get out and can also lead to greater instances of breakage. Furthermore, as the racks are open-sided, they use a lot less plastic, which saves on weight, making them easier to carry than closed sided racks.


Those are just some of the benefits of the Fries Rack System. There are more.  Contact us to find more information on different products that we offer.