Everyday Help on Wheels: The Benefits of Transport Dollies

If you have a catering business, you’re likely to have to haul heavy loads from A to B regularly. Luckily, there's a solution that we're going to reveal to you that should solve the majority of these logistics issues - the transport dolly with brakes. Let's explore some of the benefits…

Easy to Manoeuvre

If you've ever worked in an environment that requires moving stuff around in enclosed spaces, you'll know how hard that is. Things can break, jobs might be delayed, and it can create a queue of other tasks that need doing.

However, with the help of a transport dolly, things might go smoother. You can stack papers, books, materials, breakable objects, and similar items in one convenient place and move them around. The dolly's wheels make moving things around faster and more secure than a person carrying those same items. One example of this is our Conveyor Rack Euro Dolly. With its aluminium frame and zinc plated steel wheels these 600mm trolleys are very sturdy.

Greater Efficiency

Dollies require little supervision while someone carries more weight than the average person. So, if you work in a restaurant and need to move dishes around every once in a while, an employee can only carry a few pieces at a time (without the help of a dolly). This takes up time and increases the chances of something going wrong.

For instance, your employees might injure themselves or drop the box. Whereas, with a dolly, your staff can stack crates of glassware on top of one another and move them from A to B in one go. This gets the work done much quicker, which means your staff can turn their attention back to their regular tasks in no time.

Our euro trolley range is extremely function and our trolleys are easy to manoevre when moving heavy loads from A to B. Available in two sizes, the 600x400mm Euro Container Trolley is compatible with 600x 400 and 400x300mm euro containers.
The lipped edges of our transport trolleys offer extra stability and easy movement. Due to a unique combination of high-quality components including smooth-running wheels helps move heavy loaded boxes and baskets around with little noise. All trolleys can be stacked up to save space when not in use and are available with free shipping from £299, no min order purchase value or quantity.

Dollies are Cost-Effective Investments

With an increase in efficiency comes a boost in profit. The saying "time is money" fits the dolly situation perfectly. For one, your staff can complete their work with minimal interruptions and finish their jobs faster.
Secondly, the dolly is easily pushed from place to place. So, if you work in the catering industry (or in a similar field), you might be required to work both indoors and outdoors. With a dolly, your staff can easily transport the materials they need, without overexerting themselves.

Dollies are Safer

Ultimately, the transport dollies are safer for employees. For example, if a person needs to carry a heavy box from one side of the building to another, a dolly ensures the strain of such a task minimally affecting their health.

If an employee has to do this several times a day with few breaks, it can have a lasting impact. Such situations are uncomfortable for both the employee and the employer. But with a dolly, the only hardship is pushing the dolly itself. It's sturdy and is easily controlled, so the dolly's effect on health is way less significant than the alternative.