1. 6 Brilliant Ways To Store Glassware

    6 Brilliant Ways To Store Glassware

    Do you fantasise about the ideal way to keep your glassware, coffee mugs, and water bottles organised in your kitchen? We looked into how individuals preserve their delicate glassware in unusual ways and have the glassware storage solutions for you here.

    The most important consideration when storing wine and cocktail glasses, glassware, coffee mugs is to avoid breakage and dust. This means you'll either want to keep them on a safe shelf or in a wine glass storage box, or you'll want to utilise a stemmed glass hanging system. In this blog, we will share some of the best glassware storage containers/boxes to make your work easy and hassle-free. Let's have a look at it.

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  2. The Complete Range Of Stackable Storage Containers at Caterbox

    The Complete Range Of Stackable Storage Containers at Caterbox

    Plastic storage boxes are a powerful and practical method to keep a clutter-free house by keeping numerous objects in one place. Whether you need some significant plastic storage for storing Christmas decorations in the attic or keeping outdoor play goods in one place in the shed, or keeping kitchen things sorted, we've got you covered. Many of our designs are waterproof and durable, with lockable closures to keep your belongings safe from the weather. They're beneficial if you're looking for a more long-term storage solution.

    Look through our collection of handy stackable storage containers to find a variety of sizes and capacities.

    Euro Stacking Containers - 

    By combining different sides, bottoms, and handles, the Euro Stacking Containers

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  3. Arrange Your Glass Crockery With Different Options

    Arrange Your Glass Crockery With Different Options

    Are you properly managing your glasses when it comes to placement? To tell you the truth, it doesn't really matter! But it's always amusing to look into someone else's kitchen and see how things are organised! There is no one-size-fits-all solution for organising your glassware, but there are a few options that might work in your kitchen. These glassware storage solutions are also for you if you're short on space or just want to make your kitchen look nice and get rid of your novelty cup collection.

    Glassware Storage Boxes For Home Storage and Moving Home-

    Organising and protecting glassware for home storage or for a home move couldn't be easier with our crockery and glassware storage solutions. Heavy duty and trusted buy professional in the events / catering and distruibution industries the boxes will protect and last for a life time.

    Glassware Storage Boxes

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  4. Everything You Need To Know About Euro Stackable Containers

    Everything You Need To Know About Euro Stackable Containers

    A Euro container, often known as a Euro box or euro crate, is a plastic storage tray and stacking container. They were the first reusable plastic box to replace the cardboard and are made of plastic modular inter-stacking containers with vertical sides for maximum internal volume.

    For those of us with mounds of things and nowhere to put it, the sight of well-organized Euro Stackable plastic Containers can be motivating. Plastic storage containers are excellent for organizing seasonal, bulky, and a variety of other objects in our homes. Both solid and vented versions of these stacking containers are available. Because the vented sides improve airflow, which helps the contents reach the proper temperature quicker, vented stacking crates are commonly utilized for food processing applications

    What Is The

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  5. Why Plastic Storage Boxes Important for Christmas Decorations

    Why Plastic Storage Boxes Important for Christmas Decorations

    Why Plastic Storage Boxes Important for Christmas Decorations

    It may appear like keeping your Christmas decorations secure and arranged is a chore, but it isn't. There are a plethora of simple and inexpensive storage solutions available to keep your ornaments, Christmas lights, and other holiday decorations from becoming an organizational headache.

    These simple yet spectacular Christmas ornament storage boxes available at the Caterbox will keep your ornaments arranged for years to come. With our long-lasting storage solutions, you can ensure that your Christmas decorations - and the investment you've made in them - are maintained for years to come…We have listed below some advantages of using plastic storage boxes. Read here -

    Safe Storage -

    Plastic storage boxes are useful for protecting high-value decorating items. The boxes cover items with locking seals to prevent t

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  6. Best Protective Storage Brand 2020

    Best Protective Storage Brand 2020

    Best Protective Storage Brand 2020 

    Caterbox has been awarded the SME Best Protective Storage Brand 2020, we have won this award for the second year running. Our products ability to protect and streamline operations benefits so many organizations. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are readily available to assist customers. Pack, Protect and Store with the UK number-one Storage Box Supplier. Trusted by the majority of the UK’s event hire industry, our wide range of correx boxes, plastic boxes, attached lid containers, euro containers & ventilated crates are also used for industrial storage, distribution, warehousing and logistics as well as office storage, school storage, commercial kitchen storage, residential / office moves and domestic storage. All are available with personalized branding options. 


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  7. 7 Brilliant Ways to Store Plates

    7 Brilliant Ways to Store Plates

    7 Brilliant Ways to Store Plates  

    If you follow us on social media or are one of our customers you may already know that we have been innovating our plate storage solutions. This dreadful pandemic has left the majority of our customers without work and having to shut up shop until further notice which has left us with a lot of time on our hands. So we thought let's use this time wisely and think about what we can do to improve our current plate storage products. As a small family run business, we put a lot of effort into making everything perfect for our customers and have spent years and years rushing around to get orders out as soon as possible. Most of the time not even touching the ground and now we are firmly stuck on it! It's insane, this unreal time has turned things upside down in many ways. But, we must find silver linings in everything so this was our chance to stop and think about

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  8. How to improve back of house operations

    How to improve back of house operations

    How to improve back of house operations

    Owning the right glasswasher accessories is more important than you think in the Bar Industry. With first-hand bar management experience within our ranks, we know just how important owning and using the right dish & glasswasher accessories mean. I know that more than once in a lifetime you or a member of your team has had to retrieve a teaspoon from the depths of their dishwasher sometimes to a costly tune as well, using Caterbox’s Fine Mesh Cutlery Basket losing cutlery is a thing of the past and no unnecessary time wasted cleaning out washers that have been clogged u

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  9. NEW Plate Wash & Store Crate Range

    NEW Plate Wash & Store Crate Range

    Don't let it stack up. Pack Protect, Wash & Store 

    Part of the latest innovative product range designed and created by the UK's chinaware storage specialist, Caterbox®. These Protective Chinaware Storage Solutions will streamline your washing and distribution operations whilst keeping plates safe and clean. The Plate Wash & Store Crate has Large Vents throughout the design to help promote Superior Water & Air Flow & with Reinforced Base & Walls you can be positive you’re receiving a strong & durable lifelong product. 


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  10. How To Start A Glass or Catering Equipment Hire Business

    How To Start A Glass or Catering Equipment Hire Business

    Glassware hire services supply functions and events with glassware and other catering equipment. This could be for a small private party such as birthday parties and engagements or large set-ups like weddings, religious celebrations and corporate events. Our simple to follow guide gives you the essentials for starting up and running your own glass hire business.

    How To Start A Glass or Catering Equipment Hire Business?

    Running your own business can

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